During the 5-day MASTERCLASS,  discover how to:

    • Leverage the science of buying to increase your bottom line
    • Have peace with sales to 10x your sales 
    • Have non-slimy sales conversations that convert 
    • Tap into buying brains to get more ideal clients in less time 
    • Create profitable laser-focus in your sales strategy that aligns with who you are
    • Get your ideal buyers self-identifying that you are the ideal match for them 

    Join me as my guest (yes for free :)) at 12 pm ET    

    May 24th to 28th 

    See What People Are Saying About Peri

    What people say at the end of Peri's program:


    “My revenues grew by 40%.”  

    Jonathan Sugai, Mindset and Body Science Expert



    “I used to have a 10 conversion rate.  Now I have an 80% conversion rate.” 

    Carly Pepin, Human Behavior Specialist, Teacher and Speaker



    “My conversion rate has gone up by 40%.”

    Manmeet Chowdhry, Speaker, Executive Coach and Sales Trainer



    “In the last few months, my revenues have doubled.” 

    Liz A. Garcia, EdM, Executive Performance Expert



    “I have been referred 6 chief execs.  All of whom have become clients.” 

    Dr. Kim Jobst, DM, FRCP, Physician, Scientist and Consultant



    “I got 50 to 60 times back.” 

    Stuart Melody, Founder



    “The 60% increase I had specifically was over the prior quarter, within a single month.” 

    Kai Bartlette, Founder

    Who is Peri Shawn?

    Peri Shawn is the award-winning author of

    Sell More with Sales Coaching.



    She shares the unique perspective that true selling is about authentically connecting with people using the neuroscience of buying.


    She's not about manipulating people to buy. Instead she's about helping clients...with their buying decisions. No pushy sales techniques.


    You may have read some of her articles in SellingPower, Salesforce.com, Entrepreneur, Inc., The National Post and Forbes.



    For 20 years, Peri has taught entrepreneurs, sales executives and their teams to seriously increase their sales... while being ethical and authentic.


    Let's get you more clients in a simpler way.  


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